33,000+ jobs lost in September

Photo courtesy of Getty Images. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

[Washington, DC] To the chagrin and frustration of Donald Trump and his administration, today the Bureau of Labor Statistics released employment data for September.  The decline was expected but goes against the mantra Trump spouted about the HUGE success workers would see once he was running things.


No one can predict natural disasters.  Hurricane season is common for the Caribbean and states which buffer against the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s something you can never get use too, however the magic of those states, territories and countries is why people choose to call it home.   Harvey and Maria packed a punch not seen in years.  The result was pure devastation and many workers were sidelined as whatever job they previously performed disappeared.

Unemployment rate dips to 4.2%

Even though job numbers dipped, there was good news as the unemployment rate slid to 4.2%.  These numbers are important as they affect the psyche of those in the workforce and have a direct impact on consumer confidence.

Trump is known for his bombastic rhetoric and marginalization of anything which places him in a negative context.  Ever since taking over as the president, he coined a new phrase to counter such news as “fake.”  He was warned repeatedly that running government is different from a family held business.    Yet, he boasted tremendous improvement that has never been seen before would occur!  The big difference is accountability and factual public data which will contradict even the most confident-appearing person.  While the clock is ticking, reality is setting in for many and they are pleading for his critics, “just to give him a chance.”


As we move into the fall season, October is also projected to be down as the employment effects of hurricane Maria will be announced.