San Francisco Trek & Foodie Excursion

Iconic Twin Peaks is in the background

[San Francisco, CA]  Isn’t traveling or going to visit someplace the same as a trek?  In our world, there is a difference.  A trek is all about exploration or delving into areas that are not on the “beaten path.”  One more important element is unlike traveling or a vacation where you might have a healthy budget, trekking is a low-budget proposition (at least for us).

not for the weak or feeble. From the JB Villa…downhill across the pedestrian bridge to access the iron horse

In a city like San Francisco the congestion and lack of parking make driving near impossible.  You could literally spend three days driving around looking for parking spots!  So, instead to get around we planned our trek to include a combination of public transportation (BART, Iron-Horse), walking and sprinkled with a little Uber.

at Alamo Square park with famous “pink ladies” in the background

We have been going to San Francisco for decades.  The city is known for its eclectic flair and throughout the years its communities and businesses have gone through various renaissances.  So, the San Francisco you may have experienced may have a totally different look today.


Here is our presentation of a recent trek we accomplished over a three-day span.


Headed to law school in the mid 70’s I helped drive my friend from Southern California to San Francisco.  His apartment which was a great “flat” was named the JB Villa.  It was located in funky part of San Francisco known as the “Western Edition” in the Fillmore District.  About eight years ago the JB Villa was relocated to the toney Bernal Heights section of the Mission District.  So it was there were we rested and refreshed before heading in/out each day.

Scenes from “The Mission”

For this trek, our goal was to take in a few sites and experience several of the newer restaurants as well as some of the staples which are always part of our stay.


Da Young Museum (Golden Gate Park)

We had not been to Golden Gate Park in years.  In planning our trek, JB gave us a tip that checking out the Revelations exhibit was a rare find.

Union Square

Union Square is a staple for most visitors to the city.  It right in the heart of high-end shopping and for me a great place to people-watch and just chill out.

panorama view of shops bordering Union Square plaza





World Famous Ice Cream Museum


Market Street and the Civic Center

Civic Center plaza is an iconic venue in San Francisco.

Twitter Headquarters on Market Street

Foodie Excursion


The Old Clam House – The Mission District

Known as San Francisco’s oldest restaurant.  It is located on the fringe of the Mission District.  It has great funk and once inside you feel like going back in time, while being treated to some tasty dishes.

Iced Tea presentation
Their signature dish – Cippino
Sourdough bread

Eddie’s Soul Food Café   – The Western Edition/Fillmore District

The Western Edition in the Fillmore District was an African-American enclave.  Eddie’s was a small diner specializing in Louisiana type dishes.  Over the year as the face of the community changed and gentrification became a way of life, Eddie’s sold to new owners.  They were of Korean descent and agreed to keep the menu and the character of the restaurant.



Da Young Café – Da Young Museum/Golden Gate Park

The café is part of the museum complex.  A great place to relax and grab some refreshments.


Bayshore Taqueria – The Mission District

Your basic taqueria featuring a variety of Mexican dishes.

Taco Salad


Buttermilk Café Southern Cooking – The Mission District

Catering to southern style cuisine

Chicken & Waffles
Shrimp & Grits
Great Southern Style Cooking

Brenda’s French Soul Restaurant – The Tenderloin District

Catering to southern style cuisine with a flair of French cooking.

New Orleans Camilia’s red beans and rice
catfish poboy
french toast

Napa Farms Market / Tyler Florence at SFO

Judith sporting trendy tee from National Museum of African-American History and Culture

For those with a gourmet taste and who happen to be at terminal 2 of the San Francisco International Airport you will be right at home at Napa Farms Market which features many great dishes by Tyler Florence.


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