Visions with a leader………”I can’t breathe!”

Stevie Wonder & Hurricane Dave

Shortly after George Floyd was murdered and folk took to the streets many used the airwaves to voice their response.

One leader, you will recognize when you hear the song spoke poignantly about how African-Americans have historically dealt with the consequences of having a “knee on their neck.”

Through Hurricane Dave’s genius and the gift of Stevie Wonder who owns KJLH (Kindness, Joy Love & Happiness) radio station in Los Angeles (102.3FM), part of the leader’s speech “I can’t breathe” is woven into Wonder’s “Vision” song which is from his 1973 Innervisions album.


If the song does not load – try this link


2 thoughts on “Visions with a leader………”I can’t breathe!”

    1. Thank you Mignon for replying. You are correct, the song is themed after Wonder’s “Vision” cut which was part of his 1973 Innervision album, not “Autumn Leaves.” Regarding the title of the song for the post, both Hurricane Dave and Stevie Wonder agreed to name it “Visions with a Leader.”


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