CUBA Internet Card

I am preparing for my ’22 trek and updating various services I will need because things are very fluid in the country and changing more rapidly. One of the most important services is access to the internet. To access the internet in Cuba the two popular systems offered by the national communication company – ETECSA: You will find them all over the country and typically they work in populated areas. Also, in those areas you will find hotspots or places to connect (parks, stadiums, public places, etc.)

SIM Card

Internet Card

As mentioned some of you know CUBA is going through an inflationary period, which translates to their currency is being devalued or cost less to non-Cuban consumers. The primary currency is the CUP (pesos) and the current bank rate is 24:1, however on the blank market that price jumps 3, 4,5 times or more – but buyer beware!!!!

This is current information I received directly from Etecsa. As an example a 30 minute card is 12.50CUP or 50 cents.