Trump administration yields 222,000 new jobs in June, in comparison Obama had negative 467,000



The bureau of labor statistics (BLS) released its monthly employment report this morning.  The Trump administration is all smiles as over 222,000 new jobs were reported for the month of June.  In comparison to the Obama administration at the same time (June 2009), 467,000 jobs were lost.   Some may have forgotten the details as there is always comparisons of the two leaders?  The big difference is despite being hounded for not moving the economy at a faster pace, even those subjected to a confessional would admit or remember the comparison of the Obama administration is like apples and oranges!   In June 2009, the country was reeling from a severe economic collapse.

Interestingly, once the Obama administration “pulled the car from the ditch” and got the economy moving forward, there was blistering criticism from the right that he was influencing or fudging the numbers.

Rev. Jesse Jackson once quipped about the obstruction and lack of support Obama had to endure as the United States of America was going through very perilous times,

“They (GOP) would rather sink the ship just to get the Captain!!”

The BLS is a non-partisan government agency who has been providing employment data for decades.  Yet, during the Obama administration tenure as the economy stabilized, it became regular political fodder to marginalize the BLS reporting and label it some type of hocus-pocus or unbelievable data.  Even then citizen, Donald Trump quickly jumped on the bandwagon to dismiss the authenticity of the report.  Instead the spin because verbal combat of stating the only reason the numbers were improving was because able body workers simply grew to frustration and stopped looking for work.

Fast forward to today, the numbers are the numbers and the Trump administration earned the positive report and the word to the wise is to “be careful what you criticize today, as tomorrow it may be an attribute which allows you to be viewed in a positive manner.

Also as the health care debate rages forward regarding how bad the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how it was the worse law anybody could pass.  The rhetoric about the “job killer” that it is, on and on is almost as laughable as those who are demanding health care remain in place, not knowing it is called “Obama care,” or perhaps they too have come to accept the reality?

It will be interesting to see how the spin of the employment report is communicated.  Not surprising is one of the tenants of the ACA was the revolution of job growth.  So, it is no secret that, health care was the leading industry of the 222,000 new jobs?


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