Fannie Lou Hamer Complex – Ruleville, MS

The Fannie Lou Hamer complex is a MUST-SEE!!!

Ruleville is in the “Delta” and is about 2 hours southeast of Memphis and about 2 miles northwest of Jackson.  Fannie Lou’s story is remarkable and we were blessed to finally be able to visit the site and pay our respect.

On the way from Memphis, surprisingly you will pass Parchman prison which is where Fannie Lou wound up simply for attempting to register folk to vote!!!!  It was also the temporary home for many other civil right heroes, especially Freedom Riders who too took great risk of their lives in the fight of equality.

The Fannie Lou Hamer Park is part of the Fannie Lou Complex. In addition the museum (currently being updated), next door is the memorial garden
Judith and I take time for a quick pose at the great Fannie Lou Hamer statue


If you want to learn more about Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer please see this clip from the iconic “Eyes on the Prize” as it chronicles the Mississippi movement as well as her role, including the sacrifices she had to endure.





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