So you want to go to Cuba? Cubav2018 -The Foods of Cuba

I knew this would be an extensive trek so part of my strategy was to make sure I had quality meals as well as getting adequate rest.  I love food!!!!!  All types of food!!!!  So, while I consume in moderation I try to pay attention to balance.  Listed below are some of the foods I had.  Keep in mind to accomplish my itinerary which included visiting many people, cities and communities I put in 55 miles of walking,  35 hours on the Viazul bus plus countless hours in a taxi and local bus.

One critical point, my goal was to stay away from tourist areas so that I could stretch my tight budget and use local currency (cuban pesos).  This is where the casa particulares shine because you are at someone’s home and their food is comparable to what you would find in a restaurant but at a fraction of the cost.  Also, I did a combination of paladars as well as local “street food.”

some of the foods of Cuba