Nextdoor – Are you using? If not, why?

Social media is here to stay.  Some of you remember Myspace and although very popular, in time it fizzled.   Are you familiar with Nextdoor?  Are you using it?  If not, why not?

Back to the Myspace comparison as it reminds me of the early stages of Yahoo.  Both, literally had the market to themselves but something happened and they were overtaken by competitors who capitalized on their uniqueness and the result is they no longer sit at the top of the throne.

Some of you may have poked around with Facebook in its early days?  You left and fast forward to improvements and better migration of how social media impacts our lives, you now find renewed interest in the way it allows you to connect to people and issues you care about.

In 2010, Nextdoor was launched with a very simple premise to allow neighbors to connect with other neighbors and communities to connect with other communities, on and on.  It is a powerful tool and since its launch they have built a cult-like following so that users can embrace the social media phenomenon to discuss a myriad of issues, specific to their neighborhood.  From the latest yard sale, to the most reliable handyman, to demolition projects and even connecting to public officials, it popularity is blazing trails connecting people and neighbors to same way Facebook allows personal interaction.




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